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Designing Your Dream Pieces

Have you spotted something you love and simply must have in a luxury boutique, online, or even on someone else's finger? Let us make your dream a reality. We have relationships with top NYC luxury bench jewelers that can create hand-made custom design jewelry using the latest CAD technology.

Transforming Your Pieces or Creating New Ones from Scratch 

Who doesn’t have old jewelry tucked away that, for whatever reason (sizing or sentimental reasons), they don’t wear anymore. We have the skill and the vision to transform your old pieces and give them new life, allowing you to make new and special memories. 

Alternatively, with the connections and suppliers we have gathered during more than a quarter century in the business, we can obtain the highest quality new diamonds and gems for you, wholesale, allowing you to own something that you might find in a luxury jewelry store, for only a fraction of that price.

Your One-Stop Shop: Design Plus Expert Appraisal 

Whether shopping for their own stone(s) or buying finished piece(s), people understandably want assurances as to authenticity and quality, often before finalizing the purchase--and certainly in order to insure the pieces properly. We offer our jewelry design clients the best of both worlds—a one-stop shop where we can both design the piece for you and provide the expert advice and valuation skills necessary to ease your mind, every step of the way. 

Personalized Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unlike many other generic jewelry shops (and certainly many online retail experiences), we guarantee the quality of our work and make required adjustments (e.g., to sizing) until our clients are completely satisfied. 

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